Okay so i had an idea for a comedy script, based around those ‘National help for you lawyers’ adverts. I just couldn’t not write it. Obviously this wouldn’t be a real advert and would be used for a comedy sketch. Please leave feedback, it would really mean alot.



Scene opens on a offices reception, there is a desk next to one of the walls with a receptionist behind it, the rest of the room is very spacious. We see a Nadine walk in, a 26 year old, chubby, woman in her office clothes. She is carrying a briefcase and a Starbucks coffee cup.

(Voice over) Nadine: I was walking into work that day, thinking about my morning meetings. There was a puddle without a wetfloor sign and I fell…

We see Nadine put one foot into the puddle and slide away from her other foot, making Nadine do the splits over the puddle before falling on her buttocks.

Nadine: … I fell and seriously injured my minge

We see Nadine lying on the floor rubbing her crotch, people slowly running around to help her.

Nadine: I had to get 68 and half stitches in my vagina and I couldn’t work for a month. When I came back everyone made fun of me. My boss started calling my ‘VaginaGirl’ and my co-workers called me ‘Wet Floor Waffle’. I didn’t know what to do, but then I found out about GenitalHelpLawyers.

One of the people crowded around Nadine Steps away from her looks into the Camera.

GentalHelpLawyersMan: That’s right. At GentalHelpLawyers we help you when your ‘flower’, your ‘teeny weenie’ or your ‘man nuggets’ get a boo boo that could have been prevented. We work hard to insure that you get the compensation you deserve and sort out all that boring legal stuff for you. All you need is damaged genitals and £6900.

Camera cuts to Nadine’s face.

Nadine: GentalHelpLawyers helped my me and my wet floor waffle, and I ever fall and seriously injure my minge again I’ll know who to call on – 07800856969


Voiceover GenitalHelpLawyersMan: (speaking fast) GenitalHelpLawyers is a official firm for genital damages, we offer protection with 97% success rate just like condoms.


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