Earlier on I checked my twitter profile. ‘17.5K tweets’. 17.5K ideas compressed into 140 characters each. I don’t think I’ve ever had a good idea in my life so the fact I could wrote so much bullshit startled me. Naturally i deleted my account upon realising I had unleashed so much crap upon the internet but the number still bugged me. 17.5K. Why was there so many, what the fuck did I even write about and more importantly, why did I write it in the first place? The awnser was simple – attention. Twitter had turned me into an attention whore, looking for a trophy that went in the form of a ‘favourite’ (or the ultimate sign of approval … A ‘retweet’) for every thought I communicated. And it’s not just me it’s had this effect on, it’s everyone using social media. Whilst being able to share our thoughts and communicate freely with our friends, it’s turned us into creatures craving attention to validate our online presence by having more likes or favourites than anyone else. When the attention runs out we begin to doubt ourselves, panic that our readers have grown tired of us. We begin to spam timelines more and more just in hope of getting someone to notice us, praying for one more like/favourite/thumbs-up/Note/ kiss on the cheek.
I realise that posting this post on an online blog is irony at its finest, i couldn’t help myself. And whilst I do value social media for the ease of communication it’s granted me/everyone, I just feel it’s time me and twitter break up. Rest assure though I’ll keep my trophies it’s gave me. All 17.5K of them.


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