why I love insecurities

Today in my college class we were introduced to a new project, in which we would write an article about anything we wanted as long as presented and treated like a real, published piece of work. I’ve been rolling around ideas in my head but I think I finally have finally stopped on one – a photo journalism piece on insecurities. After doing a photography unit where I focused on insecurities and presenting them in up close, exaggerated ways, ( I did a weight photo shoot like a Jenny Saville painting (photo below)) this could be a good fit for me.Its a topic I love to explore. people always have such low self esteem of themselves so getting to see the cause, and presenting it in such an exaggerated way it makes it look insignificant, is fascinating to me. It’s allows to me show we exaggerate our own insecurities in our minds, thinking there much worse than they actually are. People are just people, thinking you mean less than others is just complete bullshit yet we all think it at some point. Trying to better yourself by being skinnier or funnier or friendlier is a lost cause because we can’t fight we are, and also because nobody judging you really cares that much to expect change. That’s why I’m so excited to do this topic, it’s so full of flavour and can tell a message in such an unconventional way.

shit, i really need to use this website more seriously I’m sorry.




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