who really give’s a fuck

People need to think less, be spontaneous and do whatever the fuck they want. There’s nothing i find more heartbreaking then seeing people be oppressed – bit over dramatic but whatever-  by their friends or their family or the society they live in. Hearing them say they ‘can’t’ do something or ‘-insert name here-‘ won’t let them is genuinely heartbreaking to me. I know  for an absolute fact that living the way everyone tells you too will have the exact same result as doing what you want. So do it. Which is okay, death is nothing to fear and if  you are scared of it then you need to accept that you could tomorrow or at a hundred years old, it. doesn’t. matter. With this in mind, knowing that you definitely could die tomorrow, then think of all the things you wish you could do. My advice now  is too do them.  If you’re scared of people judging you, then here’s a tip – there going to judge you anyway so fuck them. If you’re happy with yourself then that’s the only thing you should focus on.


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