Is Jennifer Lawrence really THAT big of a change to hollywood woman??

I just want to start off by saying, I love Jennifer Lawrence. Anyone confused by who this, the girl from the hunger games who’s on the side of every bus. I think she is incredibly talented, funny, and has the best ~don’t take myself too seriously~ attitude. That is too say from what i’ve seen on the internet and in her films, I don’t know in her real life so im not going to pretend that I do and that I know everything about her.

I just want to say that I think people are overhyping how she represents this big change in actresses, that she shows ‘real woman.’ Looking at Jennifer is like looking at any actress, she still looks incredibly beautiful and slim but yet everyone crowning her as a hybrid of hollywood and real woman everywhere. Just because she doesn’t filter her inappropriate thoughts doesn’t mean she’s any old regular person and doesn’t mean all of Hollywood will change just because of her. I mean … she has a fucking Oscar.  If I wanted to see real people in celebrity culture, then I would want to see overweight men and woman, disgusting and beautiful just the way they are. As for Lawrence, I think she should stay exactly the way she is, because everyone loves it. Just don’t expect a tide of change from everyone else.


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