I will admit that I hardly ever stray from the fiction side of the store, but my love for Tina Fey & her writing for 30 ROCK drew me in and im so glad I did. Bossypant’s is not so much an autobiography as it is a book of essays with topics spreading out as a far as: Feys’ childhood, her work before and after SNL, married life & motherhood and also Kim Kardashian being sent out to ‘sabotage our athletes.’ You can expect this sort of humor throughout her essays, making it clear why is she a emmy winning writer as she entertains whilst also tackling big issues like gay marriage.

         Whilst fey does a wonderful job guiding you through her book with a great pacing and mix of high interest and low interest essays, if you have little interest in Tina Fey ( or as her friends call her, Sarah Palin) then you probably won’t find it so enjoyable. Basically, if you didn’t understand the reference to Sarah Palin back there, then this book probably isn’t for you. 

As a eighteen year old aspiring writer, who would love to have achieved what fey has done ( head writer a huge, prestige comedy show like SNL; scriptwriter for cult classic Mean Girls; Star, producer and writer for emmy winning classic 30 ROCK) then its obvious I did find this book wonderful. It was like all good auto biographical pieces of work, charming and personal. So personal that it made me feel like Fey was telling all of her stories to me alone, not to the millions of others who have bought her book. I loved this book and i highly recommend it to any and all Tina Fey fans, or enjoyers of her work.


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