Lost in Translation.

Can I just say, I fucking love the film Lost In Translation. It’s probably one of my favorite films of all time because it gets everything right. It looks beautiful, with some amazing shots of both Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson interacting with the strange and exotic world of Japan.  Also, the writing is amazing. With just three words Sophia Coppola and Scarlett can break my heart: ” i’ll miss you.” She speaks this line to Bill Murray’s character, an older, retired film star who’s away from his loved ones and his work so he can do a japanese commercial. Both characters are brought together by the feeling of being lost and tiny in the huge city of Tokyo. They seek refuge in each other rather than their husbands and wives whom they both become separated from. There is a lot of ~sexual tension~ between the two of them but nothing comes of it, which makes us look at the film again and question their relationship of being two lost souls put together. It’s beautiful, really



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